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W IT każdy język jest dobry, o ile dotyczy programowania. My znamy je wszystkie.

Square One Resources Polska to firma wspierająca rozwój specjalistów IT, która umożliwia im udział w ciekawych projektach realizowanych w nowoczesnych i unikatowych technologiach.

Aż 99% naszych konsultantów realizuje z nami więcej niż jeden projekt. Osobiście znamy wszystkich naszych konsultantów, dzięki czemu rozumiemy ich oczekiwania zawodowe. Cechuje nas brytyjska kultura: praktykujemy partnerskie podejście w myśl zasady win-win.

Wspieramy rozwój specjalistów IT, umożliwiając im pracę na ciekawych projektach realizowanych w nowoczesnych i unikatowych technologiach.

O nas
W IT każdy język jest dobry, o ile dotyczy programowania. My znamy je wszystkie.

Kluczowe Kompetencje

  • Oferujemy długoterminową współpracę

  • Stawiamy na bliskie i bezpośrednie relacje

  • Zawsze gramy fair play według najlepszych brytyjskich wzorców

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<span>HOT JOB?</span> TOP DOG!

Celebrating our 25th year in November 2020, we have seen recruitment change a lot. Work-life balances are changing, the importance of diversity and inclusion is being more openly discussed and a new remote working era has begun. That's why it's important to understand that the right hire comes in all shapes and sizes.

Let us find the right addition to your team and help build your brand. We connect some of the most skilled candidates with innovative and forward-thinking brands. So if you've got a HOT JOB, let us know. We'll find you the TOP DOG!

Our Consultants

Our <span>Consultants</span>

You can't achieve 25 years of success without sustaining high-quality customer service. That's why we train all of our staff to maintain the highest standards of practice. Our teams have a wide array of tools, support, and expertise at their disposal. We encourage our consultants to stay up-to-date on the news in their relevant fields, meet all of our clients and candidates, and continually update their skills. This builds a strong, knowledgeable and reliable brand. 


Why Choose Square One

Why Choose <span>Square One</span>

We know our sectors, and we know our candidates. Our team present only the most qualified, pre-screened, appropriate candidates for your role. Working within your budget, turn-around time and requirements, our consultants ensure both you and our applicant are satisfied. Our team provide follow-ups with all our clients to guarantee that the level of service is of the highest standard. We know that the only way to stay competitive in this market is to listen to our clients and our candidates and find the right solution for everyone's employment needs.


Reach out to one of our skilled consultants today!

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    United Kingdom

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    We’ve enjoyed the collaboration with Square One very much. So far, we’ve achieved great success together and we’re grateful for your support and looking forward to a continued successful cooperation.ed successful cooperation. Yangze (Lily) Yuan 360 Treasury Systems AG

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    Our Core Values - From About us page on Resources


    Our drive is unparalleled, as is our goal is to help you find the right recruitment solutions



    With 25 years in the industry, we strive to continuously improve our services and options



    We don't work 9-5 hours, we work until we find the perfect candidate to join your team



    We hold ourselves to the highest degree of accountability and encourage your feedback


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