Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Square One is a specialist recruitment business that provides independent and highly-skilled IT and Pharmaceutical contractors to clients on a time and materials basis and introduces candidates to clients for permanent employment. Since its incorporation in 1995 Square One has widened its reach considerably, dealing with both domestic and international (especially European) clients and contractors. Our contractors frequently operate through their own personal service companies, although a number of them provide services through the so called “umbrella companies”, which are responsible for deducting relevant taxes and NIC for the contractor.

Over one year from the coming into force of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“MSA”), we continue our commitment to comply with it and promote compliance amongst our suppliers. It remains to be the case that the type of criminal actions covered by the MSA is unlikely to occur in our supply chain, due to the following reasons:

  • We engage qualified, highly-skilled specialists who we are in direct contact with (even if the contractor ultimately needs to go through an umbrella company, the initial contact would have been direct with one of our employees with such contractor). Whether the candidate is introduced for a contract or a permanent role, they undergo a number of interviews and assessments by both Square One and the relevant client.
  • We carry out identity, right to work and referencing checks. When required to do so by the client we carry out additional checks, including DBS and detailed employment and address history for a number of years prior to the engagement.
  • We pay contractors directly to the bank accounts that is linked to their personal service companies. Where the contractor is engaged via an umbrella company, we pay the amount directly to the umbrella company, whilst maintaining contact with the contractor at all times. There have been occasions where the contractors were not happy with their umbrella companies, in which case they are of course free to terminate their agreement with such a company and seek a more suitable provider.
  • We regularly review and audit our suppliers for purposes of ascertaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations in order to be reconfirmed for our Approved Supplier List. Should a contractor insist on using an umbrella company that is not on this list, they will be required to complete an audit form that confirms all relevant issues.
  • We regularly carry out training with all of our employees (both those working in Sales areas or Operations) to ensure that they are kept informed and updated of relevant laws and regulations.

In order to ensure that our suppliers are also compliant with the MSA, we include a question on modern slavery and trafficking on our due diligence form for our Approved Suppliers List, which is reviewed annually.

As a business we will continue to monitor our operations to ensure these are in line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, as well as advance our dedication to human rights and sustainability through regular reviews of our internal policies.

Gavin Gaskin
Financial Director
Square One Resources Limited

Last updated: May 2017